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Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1 - HOW DO I BID? Answer 1 - First, register with our auction per instructions given under the REGISTER link. Once registered, check your email for the verification link we send you. Click on it, then login to the auction site with your user ID and password (case sensitive). PLEASE NOTE that your alias name will not be shown to other bidders, but a permanent Bidder Number we issue you will be what is shown on the auction listings once you've bid. This will keep your alias/user name anonymous. Have fun browsing all the items up for auction!
Question 2 - ARE YOU THE ONLY SELLER ALLOWED TO POST ITEMS IN THE AUCTION? Answer 2 - Yes. We take autographs to sell on consignment or buy outright and we do all the scanning, describing and posting of the items to the auction. No one else is allowed to post. All items are held here in Racine, Wisconsin and are shipped from our company to you. Every item you see has been inspected personally by us and are in our possession until shipped after payment received. If you have autographs to sell or consign please get in contact with us!
Question 3 - HOW DO I SEE WHAT EACH CATEGORY HAS LISTED? Answer 3 - Under each main category, except for Featured Items, there are sub-categories. So whatever number you see between the ( ) is the number of items there are in that particular Main Category and its Sub-Categories. Click on the links and check out the items!
Question 4 - I AM READY TO BID ON AN ITEM, NOW WHAT? Answer 4 - When you find that item you wish to bid on, go to the bottom of the page (must be logged in - passwords and user id's are CASE SENSITIVE) and put in your maximum bid. Then click on the PLACE MY BID button. The next page will ask you to confirm your bid amount and place bid if correct. If not correct, you click on the No, Take Me Back button to adjust your bid. After bidding you may click on the USER PANEL link to keep track of items you have placed bids on and also on items you have bid on and are no longer the high bidder. There is also a WATCH THIS ITEM link on each listing in the auction and if you click on the black binoculars icon it will place that item in your WATCH LIST which is also accessed from your personal USER PANEL.
Question 5 - IS PROXY BIDDING ALLOWED? WHAT IS THE EXTENDED AUCTION OR 5 MINUTE RULE? Answer 5 - Yes, the auction will bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid and no further. If you have a max bid of 25.00 on an item and the starting bid is 5.00 you could win the item for your first bid of 5.00 if no other members bid on it. The auction bids in pre-set increments as individual bidders place the amount they wish to pay for each item. This comes in handy for those of you who want to SET AND FORGET your bids or won't be around when an auction closes (especially convenient for international bidders!). Please remember that the auction uses the 5 MINUTE OR EXTENDED AUCTION RULE, which is noted on each listing with a LEARN MORE link to explain the process to you. NOTE! We DO NOT start the 5 minute rule at closing time like some other auctions! It starts working at 7:55 pm and NOT 8 pm. If the auction is to close down at 8 pm and an item receives a bid at 7:57 pm that particular auction will be extended for 5 minutes to close at 8:02 pm if no further bids are placed on that item. If more bids are placed, the auction will be extended another 5 minutes from the time the last bid was logged in. Once all bidding has ceased, the auction will close and the high bidder will be the winner of that item. Items that have not received any bids from 7:55 pm to 8:00 pm will all close at the 8pm ending time. Anyone can participate in the 5 minute rule bidding and you do not have had to place a bid previously on the item to bid on it. If you decide you are interested in an item in the last minutes, by all means, BID! Remember! 7:55 pm and NOT 8 pm is when our 5 minute rule kicks in! We reserve the right to change the extension time to 10 minutes or not use at all, at our discretion, but you will be notified of the change before the auction begins. Using this option makes the auction more like a traditional one and is a great snipe protector as well.
Question 6 - DO YOU OFFER CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENTICY WITH YOUR ITEMS? Answer 6 - We do not normally issue COA's with any item sold. We are acting as an auction venue for consigners and therefore our liability is limited to the 15 day return for cash or credit card refund. However, if you wish a company COA, please add 2.00 for EACH COA requested. This 2.00 amount is non-refundable in case of a return.
Question 7 - WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY? Answer 7 - We offer a 15 day, no questions asked, return policy which gives you adequate time to rely upon your own knowledge and judgment concerning the purchase and whether it meets with your approval. It would not be listed if it didn't meet with ours, but all auction items are being sold "WHERE IS, AS IS." After the 15 days has expired, no returns will be accepted for any reason, our consigners will be paid for the items, and there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this. We provide quality, large scans of items offered and expect you, as a buyer, to examine these scans prior to bidding. BEFORE YOU BID make sure you are comfortable with the item's authenticity. Please do not bid, win the item and then ask questions before you decide to make payment. Remember, placing a bid in our auction is a legal and binding contract! Feel free to email us BEFORE BIDDING with any questions about an item or items you may have an interest in, and as mentioned, check out the images we provide to further help you in deciding if this is an item you want to bid on and/or purchase.
Question 8 - DO YOU HAVE A BUYER'S FEE? Answer 8 - Yes. A 5% BUYERS FEE WILL BE ADDED ONTO ALL ITEMS FINAL SALE PRICE. We have found it necessary to implement this fee, and have kept it as low as possible, due to the rising costs of folks using credit cards, Paypal and our overhead for supplies, etc. which has grown tremendously over the years. Example - You purchase and win one autograph for 10.00. When you receive your winning bidder letter at close of auction, the extra 5% or 50 cents will be added to the sale price making it 10.50. Then you figure your shipping/handling costs, PLUS POSTAL INSURANCE if order totals 25 dollars (USA only) or more and sales tax (if applicable). This will be the amount you send us for payment. All items won must be prepaid in full before we ship. NO APPROVAL OR CODS. Personal checks are welcome but shipment may be delayed until check clears the bank up to 14 business days (unless you are known to us). We accept PAYPAL, money orders, VISA, DISCOVER or MASTERCARD to speed up your order processing! Call us at 262-598-8477 with credit card information, if we do not have yours on file or you need to change, update it.
Question 9 - I HAVE AUTOGRAPHS TO CONSIGN WITH YOU. HOW DO I PROCEED? Answer 9 - I am looking for quality consignments from those of you who wish to sell your items in my monthly online auction format. The consignment fee is 25% of the final realized price for each item up to 999.00. If your item sells for 1,000.00 or more, the consignment fee drops to 10%. If your items results in a no sale, there is a 25 cent charge for each unsold item that has to be returned. This helps to cover my time involved in getting the item ready for auction. There is also a return postage fee for items that are unsold and returned to you. These amounts are deducted from your consignment check payment. Email me with a list of what you have for sale with starting prices noted. As our auction accepts reserves, you are allowed to place a reserve on items. However, I strongly suggest you use this feature sparingly, as most bidders do not care for a reserve auction format. You'll probably realize more for your item without using a reserve! Use the form under the CONTACT link or write Linda Payne Autographs, PO Box 081336, Racine, Wi. 53408-1336. Need to talk about it? Call us at 262-598-8477.
Question 10 - I WON THE ITEM OR ITEMS. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Answer 10 - Linda Payne Autographs will email you a list of what you've won. Payments are due within 7 days of auction close, unless other arrangements are made prior. Read information under Question 8 about payment methods accepted, etc. Everything for sale on this auction site is being held by Linda Payne Autographs in Racine, Wisconsin and will be shipped from here to you as soon as the completed payment is made. You may also access what you've won by going to the User Panel link on top of the pages. Once on that page there is an area called AUCTIONS I WON on the left side of screen. This will tell you what you've won! GOT MORE QUESTIONS? Email me at anytime or browse some of the other pages within the auction itself.


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